Waterbased metallic pastes

Waterbased metallic pastes

🌿 Eco-Friendly Coatings with Our Metallic Pigments! 🌿

We would like to draw your attention to AVL's metallic pigments as a water-based paste, designed to meet the highest standards of ecological sustainability. These pigments are perfect for creating the world's most eco-friendly coatings, including paints that shine with brilliance while caring for the planet. https://www.avlmetalpowders.com/en/productfinder?f%5B0%5D=technology%3A51


✨ Key Benefits:

Eco-Friendly: Water-based formula reduces VOC emissions.

High Performance: Superior durability and vibrant metallic finish.

Sustainable Choice: Aligns with global sustainability goals.


Together, we can paint a brighter, more sustainable future. 🌍💚

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