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Zinc flake powders and paste for Zinc rich primers, paints and coatings
Zinc flake powders and paste for Anti-corrosion coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Zinc powders for the coatings industry

Zinc powders for Anti-corrosion coatings

Zn & ZnAl flake powders and pastes

Due to their position in the electrochemical series of elements, zinc pigments are most often used to provide corrosion protection. In general, the most common anticorrosion coating is Zinc-rich primersZinc-rich paints and Zinc (flake) coatings.

AVL developed a line of Zinc flake powders and Zinc flake pastes that provide excellent cathodic protection of zinc in a platelet form, allowing for coatings with much lower film thickness and lower tendency to settle. In addition, this flake geometry provides excellent long-term barrier protection and gives the finished coating a smooth, unique metallic appearance.

  • Pure Zinc flake powders (Zn): Provide improved corrosion protection in applications as shop primers and dip spin coatings.
  • Zinc Aluminium flake powders (ZnAl): For applications where even higher corrosion protection is required since the alloy possesses the advantages of Zn and Al.

Corrosion protection requires conductive contact between the substrate and the coated zinc particles. Zinc flakes provide much more extensive surface contacts, yielding higher electrical conductivity and therefore better corrosion protection compared to zinc dust. Since the zinc flake has a laminar geometry, oxygen and water experience a long and tortuous pathway through the film, which results in a lower rate of diffusion in comparison to zinc dust.

Zinc powders

There are many opportunities for applications such as high-heat-resistance coatings (automotive exhaust, brake rotors) and other ancillary automotive parts. In comparison to zinc dust, zinc flake powders provide better handling, no stress corrosion crackingimproved application properties with an improved sustainability referring to the more economic use of zinc in an application. The amount of zinc required by the use of zinc flakes, is far less in comparison to zinc dust to achieve an equal or superior corrosion protection. This results in lower material consumption per covered area which leads to lower costs for the applicator.

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