Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) are used in a wide variety of chemical applications. The AVL products are globally known for their very performing metallic effects as well as functional performance in following fields:

Aluminium powders for Pyrotechnics and Civil explosives by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Pyrotechnics and Civil explosives

Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) for Pyrotechnics and Civil explosives

Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) such as aluminium powders for pyrotechnics and explosives serve to sensitize the explosives. In general aluminium powders do not completely react in the initial detonation but in a second phase of the combustion as accelerator in the post heating phase. Once initiated, they are highly flammable.

Beside fine powders with a high specific surface of >20.000 cm²/g also coarse products with an average particle size up to 100 µm are used, mainly in display fireworks.

In some case an oxidant agent, mainly potassium perchlorate is added to the mixture with aluminium powders. The oxidizing agent creates the oxygen which is needed in the burning reaction.

Copper pigments for Anti Seize Grease by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Reaction partners

Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) for Reaction partners

In the chemical raw materials industry metallic powders can be applied as reactants for several industrial applications. Copper functional powders can react as a catalyst, e.g. in the Rochow synthesis in the production of silicones. Another application is the use of copper powder as anti-seizing element in greases.

Aluminium powders for Titanium dioxide by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v
Aluminium pastes for Titanium dioxide by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v

Titanium dioxide

Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) for Titanium dioxide

Aluminium paste is used in the bleaching stage in the production of TiO², especially in the “sulphate process”. Aluminium is also needed in the “chloride process” but with coarser products.

Ilmenite is titanium iron ore. Under high temperatures Ilmenite reacts with aluminium in an exothermal reaction, producing pure Ti and Fe and Al²O³ particles.  At the end of the reaction this results in pure white TiO². This is very important because TiO² is the most important white pigment used in many industrial applications such as paints, plastics, printing inks, in the paper industry. TiO² mainly improve opacity in these applications.

The amount of aluminium in the reaction is more than needed. This results  in a reaction of Al with Fe to form Fe²Al5.

AVL developed a special range of non-hazardous pastes for the titanium market which meet specific requirements.


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