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Aluminium functional powders for the building industry by AVL Metal Powders
Aluminium Powders & Pastes for building materials by AVL Metal Powders

Aluminium powders for the building industry

Aluminium powders for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

The air cell structure in the final AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) is a result of the reactivity of the aluminium component. Particle size distribution, hydrogen evolution test, blain, … are some of the parameters influencing the process. The aluminium contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of all types of AAC. Over the years, AAC products have become increasingly lighter in accordance with the new building requirements and energy saving objectives. AVL developed newly superior Aluminium powders and dust-free pastes cater to this trend.

Aluminium powders for Plasters and Mortars

Recent tests have shown that also in non-autoclaved applications such as plasters and dry mortars, aluminium powders cause the mixtures to expand, thereby compensating the shrinkage that occurs during settling and reducing crack formation.

Recommended dosage:

0.005%-0.01 % for plaster

0.01% - 0.5% for dry mortar

Overall the use of AVL 's superior Aluminium powders and dust-free pastes for AAC in the building industry are essential for:

  • Smooth process
  • Homogeneous gas formation
  • Increased production 
  • Energy savings
Aluminium powders for the chemical industry by AVL Metal Powders

Aluminium powders for the chemical industry

Aluminium powders for Pyrotechnics and Civil explosives

Aluminium powders for Reaction partners

Aluminium powders for Titanium dioxide

Ilmenite is a titanium iron ore. Under high temperatures ilmenite reacts with aluminium in an exothermal reaction, producing pure Ti and Fe and Al2O3 particles.

FeO·TiO2 + 2Al Al2O3 + Fe + Ti

Excellent dispersion of the aluminium in water is a crucial parameter.

Products also available as pastes in DEG

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