The use of metallic effect pigments in printing inks provides an eye-catching effect and makes all forms of publicity and products stand out. The metallic effect pigments for the printing industry excel on product performance while they remain conform with all legislative demands. Our company has since 1937 over the years continuously improved its range of gold bronze, copper and aluminium pigments for following processes.

Printing industry by AVL Metal Powders
Printing industry by AVL Metal Powders

Printing processes

Screen printing

Screen printing gives the advantage to print on a very wide range of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic, leather, textile, metal. Very performing metallic effect pigments provide an improvement in gloss and metallic effect which are further enhanced when using coarse metallic effect pigments with a D50 up to 40-50µm.
In order to avoid the clogging of the screen mesh at any time, it is recommended to use grades with a D90 value which is 3 times smaller than the mesh size.

Gravure- and Flexo printing

Metallic effect pigments are widely used in gravure- and flexo printing processes for its special effects. A touch of gold or silver on decorative products such as wallpaper covering, on food label or any other packaging will make any products stand out. Metallic effects of the highest quality are available for these processes.

Offset printing

Metallic effect pigments in offset inks need to be very fine to ensure good transfer on the roller system as well as good coverage.

Delivery forms by AVL Metal Powders
Delivery forms by AVL Metal Powders

Delivery form


Powders are flake pigments in its purest dry form, including a small percentage of additive. The use of powders provides certain advantages related to logistics- compatibility of the pigment in many formulations –and a longer shelve life.


Pastes are powders prepared in a liquid, generally a solvent compatible with the customer’s formulation in each process. Pastes are preferred when powders cannot be used due to contamination issues. The ratio of dry solids (powder)-solvent in a paste can vary from 90-10 to 70-30 depending on the restrictions per process, and the properties of the paste.


Paints are ready-to-use formulations including binder/solvent/pigment. Reference is made here exclusively to the AVL 2-pack water-based paint product used for dipping, rol and brush applications.

system by AVL Metal Powders


(only applicable for decorative applications – inks-coatings-plastic materials)


Reference is made to the most common systems and formulations. Generally, this refers to solvent based systems.

Water based:

Printing inks and Coating processes in many cases nowadays involve water based formulations for environmental reasons. We will provide additional information and support upon request.

UV based:

UV based formulations are very common in the coating and printing inks processes. The stability of UV inks prepared with metallic pigments remains a key issue.

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