Metallic Effect Pigments (MEP) & Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) are used in a wide variety of coatings applications. The AVL products are globally known for their very performing metallic effects as well as functional performance in following fields:

Gold Bronze pigments for Aerosol coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Aerosol coatings

Metallic Effect Pigments (MEP) for Aerosol coatings

Aerosol sprays with metallics are mainly manufactured with the use of metallic pastes. The liquid is dispersed into tiny droplets and is dispersed through the nozzle of the can or the bottle on a substrate. In order to reduce the quantity of solvent in the formulation a high quantity of solids is used. In most case a blend of slow-fast and medium evaporating solvents are used.

AVL produces a range of products for the aerosol spray market. The size of the pigment will depend on the nozzle opening. In general the nozzle opening has to be bigger than 3 x D90 (µm) of the pigment.

For waterbased applications, metallic pastes with methoxy propanol or butyl glycol are highly suitable to meet the market requirements. For solvent based aerosols, AVL can offer pastes with mineral spirit.

Zinc powders for Anti-corrosion coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.
Zinc powders for Anti-corrosion coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Anti-corrosion coatings

Metallic Functional Powders (MFP) for Anti-corrosion coatings

AVL has developed a line of zinc flake powders and -pastes that offer an excellent cathodic protection of zinc in platelet form for applications as dip spin coatings and primers. Besides the cathodic protection of the substrate, zinc flakes offer a barrier-effect protection which is highly efficient. A larger surface area of the zinc flakes improves the electrical conductivity between the flakes and increases the anticorrosive properties.

In comparison to zinc dust, zinc flake powders and -pastes offer better handling- and application properties, improved sustainability and they reduce raw material consumption. This ensures more economic use of zinc during the application.

Coatings with zinc flakes have a much lower film thickness and lower tendency to settle. In addition, this flake geometry provides excellent long-term barrier protection and gives the finished coating a smooth, unique metallic appearance.

AVL offers a range of zinc flake powders and – pastes but also in combination with alloys such as aluminium and magnesium. Pastes for water based and solvent based applications are available.

Silver Aluminium pigments for Can coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.
Silver Aluminium pigments for Coil coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Can- and Coil coatings

Metallic Effect Pigments (MEP) for Can- and Coil coatings

In can coatings silver aluminium pigments are applied in a thin coating. Only very fine aluminium effect pigments are suitable because of the very thin coating as well as the high coverage required. Due to their fineness, any imperfections of the metal in the coatings of food and beverage cans are concealed.

The AVL range of fine silver aluminium effect pigments (powders and pastes) is most suited for can coating requirements, in epoxy-phenolic and other formulations. The properties required, including the particle size range, metallic effect (gloss), opacity, and electrical conductivity are optimal. Pastes with methoxy propanol (PM) or solvent naphtha are also available.

A wider range of products is available for coil coatings.

Metallic Effect Pigments for Industrial coatings by AVL METAL POWDERS n.v.

Industrial coatings

Metallic Effect Pigments (MEP) for Industrial coatings

Silver aluminium- and gold bronze effect pigments with excellent gloss and opacity are used for a wide variety of industrial coatings, including consumer goods, interior design and floor coverings.

AVL range of products can also be dip coated, a process which is mainly used on dried flowers but also on fresh flowers to give them a shiny brilliant effect.

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