User guideline

Recommendations for storage:

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity
  • Storage temperature = preferabaly max  30°C
  • Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight, flames & heat sources
  • After usage, replace lid on drum and close tightly
  • Don’t leave the drum unneccesary open to avoid drying out of the paste and/or oxidation of the pigments

Recommendations for usage:

  • For optimal dispersion results, ingredients ought to be added gradually
  • No high speed stirrer should be used in order to avoid shear forces which can damage the particles. Max speed rate = 300 rpm
  • PH of the formulation ought to be as neutral (PH=7) as possible. Usage of strong acids & bases should be avoided
  • In case the product is mixed into a formulation that should have a certain shelf live, test ought to be performed first with small quantities
  • Usage of oxidizing components in a formulation should be avoided