The range of products at AVL is available in the following forms:


Powders are flake pigments  in its purest dry form , including a small percentage  of additive. The use of powders provides certain advantages related to logistics- compatibility of the pigment in many formulations – and a longer shelve life. 


Pastes are powders prepared in a liquid  , generally a solvent compatible with the customer’s formulation in each process.

Pastes are preferred when powders can not be used due to contamination issues.

The ratio of dry solids (powder)-solvent in a paste can vary from 90-10 to 70-30 depending on the restrictions per process, and the properties of the paste.


Granules have a granular appearance . Granules may be used to provide special effects in applications such as floor coverings , the effect can not be compared with the metallic effect obtained with flake pigments.

Granules can be used in certain functional applications.


Paints are ready-to-use formulations including binder/solvent/pigment.

Reference is made here exclusively to the AVL 2-pack water based paint product Aquastab+Vinylac, used for dipping, rol and brush applications.