Metallic pigments for masterbatch-compounding-injection moulding  

The AVL aluminium and to a lesser extent bronze, copper metallic pigments are suitable for all processes referred to above and specifically for:

  • master batch of ABS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE and polyolefine products
  • injection molding
  • blow molding

There are however certain nuances and recommendations to keep in mind:

  • The standard AVL-grades will best retain their metallic shine when the shortest possible extrusion and heat exposure are used in the process. Mechanical shear will break the particles and reduce the metallic effect and brilliance as a result.
  • Introducing the pigment at the latest possible stage of the process is in all cases a very important directive to keep the properties of the metallic pigment.
  • When using the pigment in powder form, it is very convenient to mix the metallic pigments directly in the drum containing the monomer prior to introducing the mix in the injection molding machine.
  • The temperature during the application should be as low as possible (especially in case of the bronze/copper metallic pigments) in order to retain optimal metallic effects.
  • Coarse grades as well as fine grades can be used. Fine grades (aluminium 8980,024,76000,030,032,80000A and bronze/copper 6000,9000,13000) are generally preferred to ensure a uniform metallic color in the monomer.

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