Industrial coatings

Metallic pigments for Industrial coatings

The metallic effect finishes (special effects) combined with the excellent hiding power have resulted in the use of aluminium and gold bronze pigments for a wide variety of industrial coatings, including consumer goods, interior design, floor coverings ...

User recommendations for Industrial coatings

conventional systems

Indicative Formulation

Bronze /aluminium: 5-10%
Binder                     95-90%


Suggested binder: paraloid B66 acrylic binder (Dow Construction Chemicals) in butylacetate ratio 30/70.

How to Use

  1. Mix a small quantity of solvent to the bronze /aluminium grades to obtain a homogeneous pre-dispersion.
  2. Add pre-dispersion gradually to binder using a slow rotation mixer (50 rpm)
  3. Spray formulation at 20 seconds Zahn 2 or Ford 4.stems-


The diameter of the spray nozzle should be at least three times larger than the dimension of the largest particles.

User recommendations for Industrial coatings

water based systems