Aerosol spray cans

Metallic pigments for aerosol spray cans


User recommendations for aerosol spray cans

conventional systems

A fist rule for the use of metallic pigments in aerosol spray cans is that opening of the nozzle should be at least 3 x as large as the D90 particle size of the metallic pigment in the formulation.

Metallic pigments Pastes for aerosol spray cans tend to have  a very high solid content to reduce the quantity of solvent in the formulation (ie AVL Rich Pale gold 36/WS/90-10).

User recommendations for aerosol spray cans

water based systems

The AVL range of Aquastab products ( in methoxypropanol or butylglycol) is very well suited for the requirements of water based systems.

When preparing formulations with the Aquastab range of products , please ensure that the Aquastab paste first is pre-dispersed with some water or alcohol in order to ensure an homogeneous mix prior to adding the rest of the formulation.

General note  : Please ensure that only agitators of a low rotation (50RPM) are being used, as high speed agitators tend to break the metallic particles and reduce the metallic effect after application.

The diameter of the spray nozzle should be at least three times larger than the dimension of the largest particles.