About AVL


AVL METAL POWDERS n.v. (previously Ets. A. VAN LERBERGHE nv) was founded by Mr. André van Lerberghe in 1937. The production of aluminium, bronze and copper powders started with a couple of machines at the factory located in Kortrijk, Belgium.

AVL METAL POWDERS n.v., of which the production site is still based in Kortrijk, has remained a family business.


The AVL  aluminium, bronze and copper flakes are obtained by a unique dry milling production process.
This process enables us with much flexibility to change the specifications according to the customer requirements in the different sectors of application.

All our products under the form of powders and pastes are being used in various industries ranging from the decorative applications such as masterbatch, paints, printing inks industries to more functional and reactive applications including the titanium dioxide and AAC industries.

Since 1995, we have implemented and maintained the continuity of a quality management system conform to the ISO 9001 standard.

AVL has extended its market share and sales network worldwide with a share of 95% of products exported.


Marc Van Lerberghe

Managing Director

Luc Loeys

Operations Director

Pierre Van Lerberghe

Commercial Director

Stefaan De Forche

QA-R&D-IT Director

Darline Wouters

Sales Manager

Anja Van Meirhaeghe 






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