Zinc flake powders and paste for Zinc rich primers, paints and coatings
Pure Zinc flake powders

Zinc functional powders 
for the (anti-corrosion) coatings industry

Zn, ZnAl & ZnAlMg flake powders and pastes

Due to their position in the electrochemical series of elements, zinc pigments are most often used to provide corrosion protection. In general, the most common anticorrosion coating is Zinc-rich primers, Zinc-rich paints and Zinc (flake) coatings.

AVL developed a line of flaked Zinc powders and Zinc paste that provide the excellent cathodic protection of zinc in a platelet form, allowing for coatings with much lower film thickness and lower tendency to settle. In addition, this flake geometry provides excellent long-term barrier protection and gives the finished coating a smooth, unique metallic appearance.

  • Pure Zinc flake powders (Zn): More likely to be used for “low end” formulations where the optical aspect plays less of a role and anti-corrosion has the upper hand. 
  • Zinc Aluminium flake powders (ZnAl): For applications where the optical more plays a role, but there must also be anti-corrosion. 
  • Zinc Aluminium Magnesium flake powders (ZnAlMg): More suitable for coatings where alternatives to Cr(VI) are sought.

Corrosion protection requires conductive contact between the substrate and the coated zinc particles. Zinc flakes provide much more extensive surface contacts, yielding higher electrical conductivity and therefore better corrosion resistance. Since zinc flakes react more rapidly than zinc dust; it is common to use zinc flake powders in combination with aluminium flake powders. This reduces the reactivity of the zinc flake and extends the period of cathodic protection.

There are many opportunities for applications such as high-heat-resistance coatings (automotive exhaust, brake rotors) and other ancillary automotive parts. Relative to zinc dust, zinc flake powders provide better handling, increased formulation flexibility, improved application properties and improved sustainability (lower material consumption per covered area).

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